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Who We Are

Former NHL Video Coach and an Experienced Professional Scout both with a desire to support the development and advancement of young, driven hockey players.

What We Do

Offer essential video support (already realized and utilized by the professional ranks) to advance effective coaching and player development.

Our Mission

Provide a competitive edge by streamlining coaching processes as well as the methods in which players are taught and developed.

Who We Support


Improve coaching methods by providing post game/practice video break downs. This aids in illustrating team adjustments, strengthening team systems and isolating player performance.


Isolate shifts, break down performance, discuss strengths/weaknesses, and adjust to improve your game- all while keeping you honest and providing great motivation.


Benefit from professionally ranked experience and skill while gaining scouting exposure. Differentiate and advance your team with Team Fitness and/or Off-Season Training Program DVD's, as well as Mental Toughness CD's.


Ike Rhodes
Phone: 708-590-9130